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No one is safe.

The battle spreads and the Shelter drones affected by the red crystals are ready for combat. With SHELTER add a fifth player to the Exsilium experience.

A new enemy awaits you. Rise the battle with Shelter.

Evil has taken control

With the new Sentinels faction you can enhance the Exsilium game experience to 5 players.

The faction includes all the components of an Exsilium faction: 10 faction tokens to control the actions and activate the ability, 1 player board and 4 faction miniatures with bases of their color.
In addition, the expansion adds 4 new tiles to the planet Eris, 48 new resource cards, and new enemy actions.

SHELTER calls you!

Shelter expansion soon on Kickstarter

The Exsilium Kickstarter campaign will include the possibility of obtaining the CORE, the SHELTER expansion and all the Stretch Goals achieved together. Do not miss the opportunity to get it all at an unbeatable price!

La expansión Shelter pronto en Kickstarter
  • 12


  • 5

    Tiles & Boards

  • 27

    Tokens & Extras

  • 56

    Playing cards

What's in the box

Automats 4 x Automats
Shelter 8 x Shelter
Sentinel Faction Tokens 10 x Sentinel Faction Tokens
Terminal Tokens 16 x Terminal Tokens
Resource cards 48 x Resource cards
Shelter Action Cards 8 x Shelter Action Cards
Shelter base tiles 4 x Shelter base tiles
Player Board 1 x Player Board
Rulebook 1 x Rulebook