Exsilium, the board game. Soon on Kickstarter.

Exsilium, the board game. Soon on Kickstarter.

Posted on 14/07/2022

Card-based competitive tactical combat for 2 to 4 players. Prepare to dominate and take control.

Exsilium, the board game. At the gates of our first Kickstarter.

The first units of the game have already arrived at our headquarters and we are starting to work on the photo sessions to move forward with the campaign. Thanks to this, the Exsilium profile on Kickstarter will reach 100% shortly and will allow us to pre-launch the campaign so that all those interested can follow the profile as soon as possible.

Also, we can't wait to record the first playthrough with the samples and share them across the networks!

For us it's very important to have the feedback of other players and fans of the world of board games, who like us, think that the most important thing is the result of the game itself, so don't forget to join our Discord channel.

At Spiral we have been working on the details of Exsilium for a little over a year, taking care of everything to bring a gaming experience is as good as we wanted from the beginning. So it's important to mention that from our side, we don't intend to unduly speed up the release process. If we feel that there are some points that need to be changed to improve the gaming experience and this results in a delay in the campaign, we will do so.

Finally, it's worth mentioning that the current times for the correct provision of the available means of transport are worse than we would like them to be. We are currently in the midst of a great disorder in international transport services. The shortage of containers and the excessive prices that are being paid for them have moved freight to almost unaffordable prices. Knowing this, it's very important to keep in mind that this year it will be very difficult to start with any type of distribution. We hope that in 2023 the situation begins to normalize in this sense and Exsilium can reach an acceptable price (at the level of shipping) for all the backers that participate in the campaign that we intend to launch between October-December of this year. For this reason we want to wait until after summer to define the shipping costs more accurately.

Best regards!