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Year 6985, the Sun has doubled in size and the first planets of the solar system have disappeared. The Earth has become inhospitable and our civilization has achieved survival through interplanetary travel. In the struggle for resources, humanity had establish itself in multiple satellites belonging to the gas giants, whose temperature had increased and habitability had become sustainable. But everything has changed since the great conflict. The battle unfolded over Eris, whose surface is currently the main point of extraction for Baralytas crystals, a fundamental energy resource for our civilization. Now we fight and resist to protect our own, we fight to survive.

Competitive card-driven tactical combat from 2 to 4 players. Prepare to dominate and take control.

Game design: Ferran Leal

Scultping: Jonatan Pastor 3D

Illustrations: Jonatan Pastor

Newaru 3D design: Cody Galbraith

SYL Faction designs: Wating for credits...

Keber Faction designs: Wating for credits...

Vinsan Faction designs: Wating for credits...

Wardun Faction designs: Wating for credits...

Tiles design: Ferran Leal Lead

Writer: Ferran Leal

Development: Spiral Architect Games

Special thanks: Cody Galbraith (@galbraith_cody).

Playtesting: Waiting for the full list of testers... 




Tiles & Boards


Tokens & Extras


Playing cards


4x Player miniatures SYL
4x Player miniatures KEBER
4x Player miniatures WARDUN
4x Player miniatures VINSAN
8x Enemies miniatures NEWARU
15x Tokens Terminal Tokens
8x Tokens Baralytas
10x Tokens SYL faction tokens
10x Tokens Keber faction tokens
10x Tokens Wardun faction tokens
10x Tokens Vinsan faction tokens
48x Playing cards Basic cards
12x Playing cards Effect cards
20x Playing cards Movement cards
22x Playing cards Defense cards
24x Playing cards Attack cards
6x Playing cards Basic enemy action cards
6x Playing cards Intermediate enemy action cards
6x Playing cards Advanced enemy action cards
6x Playing cards Outcome cards
8x Playing cards Baralytas cards
12x Tiles Eris tiles
2x Boards Actions & communication boards
4x Boards Player boards
1x Rulebook Rulebook